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inPocket Pro Football Socks


Ultimate Football Socks that hold your shin guards.

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Made in Portugal


  • Inside pocket to hold a shin guard
  • Graduated compression for improved performance and recovery
  • 3D knit structure for higher breathability and reduced risk of slips.



Ideal for Football, Soccer, Futsal, and others.

Ideally for being combined with your Polyambeau shin guards.


The inPocket Pro socks are the world’s most comfortable, versatile and supportive football socks. They can hold a shin guard, prolong your performance, provide a pleasant softness sensation to your skin and are highly breathable.

Inside pocket to hold a shin guard

No need for tape or strap to keep shin guards up. These seamless double-layer knitted socks work with an inner pocket to hold a shin guard securely in place by the action of graduated compression. This enhances your comfort, while maintaining leg protection and preventing strangulation of calf muscles. The pocket is not restrictive to a certain shin guard size.

Graduated compression for improved performance and recovery

Compression varies from 17 to 22 mmHg (Class II, conform to BS6612:1985), exerting the highest pressure at the ankle, and decreasing in intensity towards the calf. This compression assists the venous return and, therefore, it improves blood and oxygen circulation in the feet, ankles and legs and reduces muscle vibration, soreness and fatigue for enhanced performance and quick recovery.

3D knit structure for higher breathability and reduced risk of slips

The foot part was engineered as a 3D knit structure for ultralight ventilation that enhances breathability and promotes quick elimination of moisture.

3D cushioned lines were knitted at the bottom to increase friction thus prevent your foot from slipping inside your boots.

Cushioned regions were selectively placed in high-impact areas of the foot sole to absorb shock, provide maximum comfort and help prevent blisters.

How does it work

You hardly need a pen and pad for this, as the product is created coherently for your convenience.

  1. You put your inPocket Pro sock on one foot and pull it up (if you are the superstitious type, then obviously your preferred foot first)
  2. Simply place your shin guard in the pocket.
  3. Repeat process for the second foot.

….and that’s all!

Time to play the beautiful game in the knowledge that you’ll never have to waste time and money again to buy extra sleeves or tape. Now, focus on the match.

Certifications attained to inPocket Pro Football Socks


* Shin guards are not included.


95% Polyamide; 5% Elastane

Made in



Wash at or below 30°C;
Do not bleach;
Do not tumble dry;
Do not iron;
Do not dry-clean.

Especial property

Breathability, Graduated compression, Moisture management, Padded sole, Seamless


Man, Unisex, Woman


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