Shin guard Size

SizeWearer height range (in)Wearer height range (cm)Shin guard dimensions (mm)
S4'3 - 5'0130 - 150155x125
M5'0 - 5'7150 - 170175x140
L5'7 - 6'3 170 - 190200x154

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Football Shin Guards


Up to 90% shock absorption by your shin guards.

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Made in Portugal


  • Shock absorption and high-impact protection;
  • Flexibility and anatomical fit.

Ideal for Football, Soccer, Futsal, and others.

Ideal for being combined with your football inPocket Pro socks.

The future of high-impact technology in your shin guards. The Polyamjeau shin guards are the world’s most protective and flexible shin guards.

Shock absorption and high-impact protection

Thanks to the unique patented technology these shin guards provide enhanced protection for a host of high-impact protection and shock absorption of up to 90%.

Flexibility and anatomical fit

As these shin guards are made of a non-Newtonian fluid, they are extremely flexible, adjusting perfectly to your shin, and thus enhancing comfort while maintaining protection.

Patented technology

The Polyambeau shin guards are made of dilatant fluids, based on the principle of non-Newtonian fluids, that are produced with recyclable materials. This material confers excellent properties to the shin guards that are impacted at high speeds.

These shin guards are malleable and flexible, but its viscosity increases when a force is applied. Therefore, when suffering an impact, the fluid behaves like a solid, returning to its original flexible state after the impact.




Complies with EN 13061:2009 standard. Certified by SATRA Technology Center Ltd.

Warning: These shin guards cannot guarantee protection against injuries caused by high-energy impacts, twisting, penetraction, bending, or crushing, and cannot prevent fatalities.


100% polymeric material (patented)

Made in



Wash at or below 40°C, permanent press;
Do not bleach;
Do not tumble dry;
Do not iron;
Dry flat.


Man, Unisex, Woman

Especial property

Anatomical fit, Shock absorption




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