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Hiking Graduated Compression Socks – Blue


Hiking Knee High Socks for enhanced performance.

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Made in Portugal


  • Graduated compression for improved performance and recovery;
  • Enhanced power to support calf muscles;
  • Moisture management;
  • Cushioned sole.



Ideal for hiking, but also great for walking, jogging, cyclingand others.

These socks feature graduated compression for enhanced performance and reduced muscle soreness and fatigue.

Graduated compression for improved performance and recovery

Compression varies from 15 to 21 mmHg (Class II, conform to BS6612:1985), exerting the highest pressure at the ankle, and decreasing in intensity towards the calf. This compression assists the venous return and, therefore, it improves blood and oxygen circulation in the feet, ankles and legs and reduces muscle vibration, soreness and fatigue for enhanced performance and quick recovery.

Moisture management

The foot part was engineered with moisture control air vents that enhance air flow and moisture evaporation making these socks ideal for sports practice.

Enhanced power to support calf muscles

These socks also feature a muscle toning zone in the upper calf that is designed for targeted muscle support and reduced muscle vibration. They provide anatomically correct support and fit for the left and right foot.

Cushioned sole

Cushioned sole, from heel to toe, for absorbing shock and minimizing friction and irritations to prevent blisters, while creating an extremely soft interior that enhances comfort and protection.

Special composition for extra comfort and breathability

Polyamide is a lightweight, hypoallergenic, super-absorbent and very strong fibre, and provides a pleasant softness sensation to the skin.


Certifications attained to Technosocks



Important Notice

Compression socks are not recommended to people with diabetes, or with previous history of confirmed artery or vein problems. Do not use these socks if you have already been prescribed another compression hosiery. In case these socks/sleeves cause any discomfort, remove them immediately, and seek medical advice.


86% Polyamide; 10% Polyester; 4% Elastane


Do Not Bleach
Temperature up to 30ºC
Do Not Tumble Dry
Do Not Iron
Do Not Dryclean


Man, Unisex, Woman

Especial property

Graduated compression, Moisture management, Padded sole


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